lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

Unit 1. A letter

Dear Elena,
                  It's been so much time since we first met, you should come, and studying English is a good excuse to do it.
Don't worry about feeling lonely, you don't have to be afraid. Here everybody is kind. I think no one will treat you in a bad way, on the contrary, you'll make a lot of friends. I remember the first day I came here. I met a great girl on the plane, she is called Marry. We still have contact. However, we aren't in the same room. The same happened everyday. Each day you can make a new friend. There's plenty of pleasant people. I'm happy you're going to come here and you should be too.
I think that your idea of enjoying summer holidays and taking some time to yourself won't be a problem at all because here there are plenty of activities we can join together. For example, there's a gym in the college where you can do whatever excercise you. I do spinning there, but if you like type of thins you can do. Also the collage has a tennis court and a football pitch if you like it.
As for your last worry although the college its expensive, the teachers are kind and very intelligent. My teacher Jackie is excellent. Obviously else there are some teachers who you have more relation of, but the majority of them are cool.
Do come if you can, you won't regret it!
Best wishes,