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A story called “Secrets”, written in 1977 by Bernard MacLaverty, took place in an old house, where a young boy went to visit his Great Aunt, because she was on her deathbed. Those news took him by surprise, while he was studying for “A” levels exams at his girlfriend’s house. He started remembering the old days with his Aunt. Like when she read the stories to him, he remembered that his Great Aunt always told him that he was very inquisitive. From our point of view we could see that it is correct to say that he is an inquisitive boy, because he kept on asking questions about Iggy, Benignus and John.
He was a very sensitive person, this is shown in the last part of the story when he cried with his head down on his books, he was a boy that kept himself to himself:The Aunt wasn't the only one that had secrets. Among the story we could realise that both were reserved and didn’t want to show their deepest feelings.
In our opinion the best quote to describe this character is: “you are dirt, and always will be dirt, I shall remember this till the day I die” (page 295, line 28). This quote represents him because he took the letters of his Great Aunt without permission and also lied to her. Although he was feeling guilty, his Great Aunt didn’t forgive him.
  If we were supposed to compare this character with an animal, it will be a crow, because it has to do with his waiting for forgiveness until the moment she died. Generally the crows wait until their victim is dead as to fix the body. Related to the story, the boy waited until his Great Aunt was dead to have the reply of the argument.  

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