sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

"How does it make you feel?"

First of all, I’ll talk about a video called “How does it make you feel” by Air.
Broadly speaking, this video is a little bit complex to interpret, because as a first impression, the images, animals, etc have almost nothing to do with what the lyrics of the song say, but seeing it more than once, I could get to the conclusion that the animals, people and objects are a reflexion of the feelings of the man. Talking about the feelings, I’m referring what he feels for this girl.

There is a connection between the images and the lyrics of the song, because throw the song we could see that that girl is like disarming, and when the man starts saying good things to her, the parts of her body start appearing, however when he confessed what he really think, the things start to broke up, began to be exploited as if he as once and for all he told what he feels.

How does it make me feel? From my point of view, this song is about two people of different worlds, and the robotic voices you could hear along the song are a play on that, like if one was a robot and the other one was a normal person. The man is like a little bit disastrous because he smokes, and he fall in love with an innocent girl. So she says that he have to stop smoking. 

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