viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

The Signalman

The story started with the signalman seeing a first appearance.
He told this to the narrator.
Every time a spectre appears also a death took place.

Seeing a second appearance was surprising. This woman was crying and she didn´t talk.
Inmediatly, a woman died on a train.
Ghosts appear agrain, for a third time.
Naturally an accident happen, however, he was the protagonist.
Astonished was the narrator when he saw the crowd.
Later on, he got closer to the accident and the signalman was the one dead.
Meanwhile, he though how the signalman had died, because he was very carefull with this job.
Actually, we could see that the same words the narrator uses at the beginning of the story, were used three three times.
Nobody could believe what had happened.

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